the corridor



The Corridor is a small exhibition space in Reykjavík which opened in 1980 and since then has run continuously.
The main interest for the Corridor is to introduce new artists to Reykjavík art scene. In many cases these artists have returned to exhibit in other spaces in Reykjavík or subsequently visited Iceland on their own.
The Corridor is not principally a commercial gallery; it is thanks to the artists exhibiting and the small size of the space which makes it possible to run the gallery for a minimum cost. However there have been quiet a number of the pieces sold at the Corridor over the years.
Please feel free to contact me as I am always interested to receive proposals for exhibitions.
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Listed below are some of the foreign artists who have had exhibitions at the Corridor:

Martin Disler, Bruno Bussmann, Domenik Steiger, John Van´t Slot, John Armleder, Renato Michell, Juliao Sarmento, Helmut Federle, Jan Mladovsky, Stefan Szczesny, David Weiss / Peter Fichli, Mitja Tusek, Peter Holstein, Peter Angermann, Anselm Stadler, Claudia Schifferle, Peter Emch, Doriana Chiarini, Carlo Mauro, Franz Graf, Bengt Adlers, Fritz Grohs, Alan Johnston, Jussi Kivi, Wolfgang Stengl, Peter Mönnig, Adam Barker Mill, Gerwald Rockenschaup, Chiarenza / Hauser, Chung Eun Mo, Blalla Hallmann, Stephen Mckenna, Salvo, Jan Knap, Knud Odde Sörensen, Paul Lincoln, Daryush Shokof, Hugues Reip, Milan Kunc, Lisa Ponti, Janet Passehl, Per Kirkeby, Michael Kunze, Alice Stepanek / Steven Maslin, Karin Kneffel, Lino Fierito, Nana Petzet, Antonín Strízek, Kochausen / Hullmann, Willie Bell, Örjan Wallert, Thomas Huber, Till Krause, Claudia van Koolwijk, Charly Banana, Robert Devriendt, Jim Butler, Silvia Bachli, Eric Hattan, Charlemagne Palestine, Monica Bonvicini, Paschutan Buzari, Ceal Floyer, Jeppe Hein, Jeroen Jacobs, Nicola Vitale, Kazumaza …